It’s been a busy week in Retail. With both Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day in quick fire succession, marketers were kept busy ensuring they had the right, promotion, copy and creative lined up and ready to go. Competitor Analysis during such a busy time is always tough so at Competeshark we’ve taken care of the hard work for you.

Thanks to our retail customers, we’re able to share the 4 most effective Presidents’ Day promotions for 2016 as discovered by Competeshark. Let’s dive right in and examine each of them.

2. JCPenney

JCPenney had a rolling campaign in the lead up to Presidents’ Day, beginning prior to Valentine’s Day and taking the focus away from Valentine’s Day promotions as fulfillment before Valentine’s day becomes unlikely. JCPenney like to use big and bold offers, right in the users face and bold enough not to be missed. This was the pattern they repeated for Presidents’ Day the giant red coupon discounts. Clearly the focus here is on discounting, with the campaign offering varying levels of savings depending on spend and department. Below the fold we clearly see the Valentine’s offers still in play.

For a short period the focus went to homewares as well as a sub promotion offering additional financing, perhaps there is some thought here on reducing larger homewares purchases such as furniture with the financing assisting in removing the burden of affordability.

Finally the sale tapers off to to become an unbranded 2 day sale that like Amazon, doesn’t mention Presidents’ Day in the promo copy. Clearly planned to maintain the sale mentality for those that were originally landing for Presidents’ Day offers.

3. Kohl’s

Kolh’s remained true to brand by keeping the Presidents’ Day promotion banner low key but well above the fold. As with one of strategic promotions from JCPenney, the focus was on Homewares and Mattresses. Beyond the banner there is little to indicate the sale has much to do with Presidents’ Day as the remainder of the page focuses on heavy discounting as a “Two-day sale” rather than specifically a Presidents’ Day promotion.

1. Amazon

Amazon took the simple approach. In fact they didn’t mention Presidents’ Day at all, instead their offer was Free shipping for two days as you can see from the Competeshark swipe above. Immediately there is one glaring difference that jumps out at the customer – focus. Amazon transformed themselves from the every day retail experience of lots of products, tiles and carousels to an extremely focused hero with ultra focused tiles. There appears to be a slant here to a female audience. The hero of the Child’s face along with a primary tile taking customers to the dress shop, gives us the impression that Amazon knows their Presidents’ Day customers are most likely to be female.

4. Target

Target went for the hero banner promotion for their Presidents’ Day sale. The opposing blue of the Presidents’ Day creative is a clear differentiator from the Valentine’s Day copy that was running previously. We assume this is a deliberate attempt to differentiate the sale’s focus. As with JCPenney and Kohl’s there is a big focus on Homewares with discounting being the primary offer.

We hope you enjoyed seeing what retailers were up to this President’s Day. To unearth your own competitors’ digital marketing strategies, give Competeshark a try.

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