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5 Simple Mind Tricks Competitors Steal Your Customers With

You pour heart and soul into your website. You tweak it to make buying from you an enjoyable experience. And then test it again to improve it even more. And yet, many visitors still prefer to buy from your competitor… But it makes sense, no? You two offer similar products. You offer the same terms and conditions, and your prices … Read More

5 Simple Website Changes that Will Increase Conversions

There’s so much that goes into converting website visitors, isn’t there? The copy and the offer you entice them with, a position of a call to action or even the size of a checkout form, among hundreds of other factors can affect a person’s willingness to buy from you. And I guess that’s one reason why conversion rate optimization is … Read More

How Not to Split Test. 4 Mistakes that Sabotage Your A/B Testing

Irritating, isn’t it? You hear everyone and their mother praising A/B testing. You read about how it helped them reduce bounce rate, increase conversions, the conversion value, and bring more sales. And yet… Every split test you launch falls flat on its face. Not a single visitor more notices the new Buy Now button. Your signup form still generates below … Read More

How Competitive Intelligence Makes You a Better Marketer

You know: To grow a business, you need to understand more than just your customers. It’s true, knowing your audience’s problems or wants can help you develop products they need and find the best ways to connect with them. But to dominate the market, you also need to understand your competition, analyze their strategies, and identify weaknesses. Because you see: … Read More

The 4 Most Effective Presidents’ Day Sale Promotions For 2016

It’s been a busy week in Retail. With both Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day in quick fire succession, marketers were kept busy ensuring they had the right, promotion, copy and creative lined up and ready to go. Competitor Analysis during such a busy time is always tough so at Competeshark we’ve taken care of the hard work for you. Thanks to … Read More

The Best Startup Conference You’ve Never Been To – Startmate Retreat 2016 – Part 2

This is the second of our two part series on the Startmate Retreat 2016. Looking for Part 1?   The sun breaks early in this part of the world. Bleary eyed I cracked open the door to catch the fresh January morning in front of me. The old shearing shed was a cosy remnant of a past long forgotten, although … Read More

The Best Startup Conference You’ve Never Been To – Startmate Retreat 2016

January 9th was a big day of us as CompeteShark. It marked the kick off of StartMate 2016, an intense, 5 month accelerator that drops the alumni in Silicon Valley for 2 months to fend for themselves and represent the Australian Startup Ecosystem and prove that Dollarydoo’s aren’t the only thing Australians are famous for.   Backed by Blackbird VC … Read More

How the Biggest Selling Car in Australia Could Sell Even More

Recent research by Google has revealed how digital is changing the car buyer’s consumer path to purchase, showing propensity to ditch the old, unchanged purchase path in favour of the ease of and immediacy of digital. The research found that 4 out of 5 car buyers were undecided on the brand and model of car they wanted to purchase and the internet … Read More

Unpacking the Content Strategy of US Democratic Candidates

Who’s Winning The Digital Democratic Race? The Democratic Race is hotting up as we head towards the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Although we have no political persuasion given we’re in Australia, we think the race on both sides is pretty interesting. We found Digital experiences provided by candidates and their staff have a material impact on their popularity and positioning … Read More